Why You Need a Powerful Plan for Success

Why You Need a Powerful Plan for Success

Wishing won’t make you successful.

You will never succeed so long as you have subconscious programs holding you back.

You will sabotage your success, again and again, no matter how much effort or willpower

you exert.

What you need is a plan based on a PROVEN METHOD—a habit you can develop and

master, which will lead you to success in all areas of your life.

Developing this one very specific habit will be your key—your ultimate “inner strategy”

for long-term success in all areas of your life.

RELEASING is this habit.

Releasing is the “ultimate action” you will ever take. It is the most effective thing you can do to move you powerfully in the direction of highest achievement, strongest leadership, most radiant health, lasting happiness, and financial freedom.

As you Begin practicing Releasing, you will immediately begin noticing positive shifts in the way you think, feel, and act.

You will find yourself taking actions and making decisions based on a new, freer, more positive self-concept, which was impossible before you released the old, limiting image you held of yourself in your subconscious mind.

This simple strategy called Releasing is the most effective technique ever developed for unleashing our highest “success qualities.”

It works at the level of your “inner” consciousness — of which your outer life is but a mere

reflection. Just as combing your hair will result in an immediate shift in your reflection in

a mirror, so too will shifting your inner mind and mental condition create an instant shift

in your life.

Don’t like the way you start and stop projects—sabotaging your success in a very

predictable cycle? Take the most effective action there is—RELEASING.

Don’t like the way you make money only to have it burn a hole in your pocket before

You can accumulate anything significant? Take the most effective action there is-


Don’t like the way you predictably sabotage the love in your relationships? Take the most

effective action there is—RELEASING.

Have a habit—smoking, overeating, drinking, gambling, complaining, etc.—that you just

can’t seem to stop using willpower?

Take the most effective action there is—RELEASING.

Have a stubborn health issue and you’ve tried everything to overcome it to no avail?

Take the most effective action there is—RELEASING.

Stop wasting your will and effort in ineffective directions.

You MUST ALWAYS make an “inner shift” to create any lasting outer change in your life experience. Releasing makes this inner shift at the deepest levels and does so quickly and easily. It is foolproof.

As you see the contents of your mind (just like reading a menu) and apply Releasing to the limits, patterns, and painful, negative emotions—they dissolve—instantly.

The most successful business people in the world, such as Bill Gates and Donald Trump, are constantly tapping into several core habits and traits that will make any of us successful, if we develop these traits:

  1. They are emotionally intelligent. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to increase your emotional intelligence.
  2. They are emotionally resilient. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to increase your natural, emotional resiliency and inner balance.
  3. They take risks. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to uncover your natural courageousness and fearlessness.
  4. They have outstanding discrimination. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to open up your discrimination and ability to see and think clearly—even when under pressure.
  5. They have clear intuition. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to open up your intuition and inner knowing.
  6. They take immediate, effective ACTION when prompted from within. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to eliminate the resistance to taking immediate, effective action.
  7. They are positive. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to eliminate negative thinking at its root—uncovering your natural ability to be positive in all situations despite outer circumstances.
  8. They are master communicators. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to uncover your natural ability to effectively communicate.
  9. They are inspired. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to uncover an unlimited wellspring of natural and spontaneous creativity, inspiration, and enthusiasm.

These nine principles are your keys to leading a happy, successful life—emotionally, financially, in all your relationships, with your health and wellbeing, and in your work, career, and contribution to others.

If you have not mastered these skills, you have not mastered life.

If you wish to master these skills, there is only one ability you need to master—the ability to “let go” (at will) of the patterns, programs, thoughts, concepts, behaviors, and limits you have programmed into your subconscious mind. The most effective way to do this is through Releasing via the Release Technique.

Releasing is the only kind of successful training or condition you truly need.

If you want to condition yourself for success in life—condition yourself to Release consistently throughout your day.

If you want to get training in something—train yourself in the habit of letting go of negativity as it arises, instead of suppressing it, coping with it, venting/expressing it, or escaping from it.

As you develop the habit of Releasing moment by moment, you will quickly find each of

the nine primary keys to success unfolding for you, as naturally as breathing.

You may have read hundreds of success, leadership, self-improvement, and wealth-

building books. You may have taken hundreds of such courses. But how many of them

address the ROOT—the core of the problem—which is always the lacking, limited and

conflicting inner thoughts, patterns and beliefs that hold you back?

None of them work, or you wouldn’t still be looking for a solution. Sure, you might get some temporary success or relief, but it doesn’t last. Because these other approaches don’t tell you HOW to eliminate these deeply-ingrained, subconscious patterns.

They just talk “at you,” telling you to “think positive,” stop thinking negative,”

use willpower,” “take these actions,” etc…

But when you have subconscious self-sabotage programs running, all the willpower and all the intellectual knowledge of the “right actions” you need to take are WORTHLESS. That’s right. Completely worthless.

If you looked in the mirror and you saw your hair was messed up, would you start fussing

with the mirror, trying to change the reflection? Of course not. You would simply comb

or brush your hair.

In the same way, you need to create an inner shift—developing the ONE POWERFUL HABIT that will shift EVERYTHING in your life. And, that habit is using the Release Technique consistently.

When you’re releasing, you’re not thinking. When you’re thinking, you’re not releasing.

And the mind never takes a day, or even a minute, off.

Releasing works by pulling up the “menu of your mind” noting the contents, and noting the

underlying “roots” which are generating interference, limitation, and self–sabotage.

It allows you to see (become conscious) of what was previously running unconsciously.

Then, the releasing tools show you how to STRIKE these roots of your self-sabotaging programs, thus falling into entire structures of limiting and lacking thought structures that have held you back your entire life. 

And what’s left does not require any kind of “positive affirmations” or “programming,” as our natural state is already one of health, happiness, success, clarity, strength, and freedom.

We need only eliminate the interference by first SEEING it operating, then striking the ROOT causes of this interference. No other course, method, or technique strikes the root as the Release Technique does.

Why does it work?

It works because it does not attempt to “hack at the branches.” For instance, overeating is often a symptom of an inner mental/emotional conflict. This is just a branch—a sign or symptom of a deeper issue.

The root could be an underlying fear or a suppressed guilt. And, that fear or suppressed guilt has another, even more, primary root, which, when released, will drop the hard, negative feelings…drop the negative thoughts generated by those feelings…and drop the harmful behaviors and actions generated by those thoughts.

You can learn and master the Release Technique and begin seeing all your fears, worries, hang-ups, and self-sabotaging and limiting behaviors melt away right before your eyes—as you witness a natural unfolding and uncovering of the nine core traits of highly-successful people.

As you eliminate the blocks to having success, what’s left over? Success without effort!

The best part is, releasing works every time – when you do it.

Every time you release, you feel happier, lighter, and more peaceful. Every time you think, you feel bad, heavy, and defeated.

So, if you are ready to finally take charge of your life, employing a radically effective system of success that is PROVEN and SCIENTIFICALLY VALIDATED by Harvard and Columbia Medical School researchers …

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If you are tired of working hard all your life and not meeting with the success you want and feel you deserve, then you absolutely must eliminate your unconscious self-sabotaging programs without delay.

You must wipe out a lifetime of accumulated negative programming. And you need momentum to push through these lifelong habits. The 5180 Package will give you the momentum of consistent, supported releasing – while saving you $1,000’s of dollars as a bonus.

It is time to stop wasting so much time and effort spinning your wheels. Your subconscious programs will NEVER let you move forward. Or, if they do, they will only rip you right back into the parameters of your programmed “success threshold” soon after, as if someone snapped you back by your suspenders.

If you truly want lasting success, health, and happiness, then you must “reset” your success threshold.

No “outer” change will ever last, without making the primary inner change. Any habits created by willpower will rarely “stick” because the underlying “roots” still remain and will pull you right back into the same old rut, no matter how much willpower you use.

You need a fundamental ROOT change, which the 5180 Package (that includes the Living Without Limitations Virtual Retreat and Lester’s 90-Day program) will give you, like nothing else can.



You’ve heard Lester’s advice, “Hold in mind only what you want and that’s all you would get.”

But realistically, how do you do that?

Here’s an example (from Sports Illustrated, February 8, 2010 by Tim Layden):

Lindsey Vonn, America’s best woman skier ever, skis the Olympic downhill race in her mind…” balanced with each foot on a nylon slack line suspended three feet off the pebbled orange rubber floor. She is crouched in an aerodynamic tuck, her hands thrust out in front of her chin. She closes her eyes imagining she is on the downhill course at Whistler.

She begins shifting her weight rhythmically from one foot to the other as if executing high speed turns on a Canadian mountainside more than 5,000 miles away.

She exhales and inhales forcefully, mimicking the aerobic demands of high-speed racing alternately gliding and turning. Close your eyes with her and you can almost hear the chattering of snow beneath skis.”

She finishes and says, “ I love that exercise. Once I visualize a course, I never forget… exactly the run I want to have. I control my emotions and just make it routine.”

That’s how you hold in mind what you want.

You work up the picture in your mind, with as much detail as possible of your goal already accomplished. See it, feel it, touch it, as if it’s yours now.

A key ingredient, not always paid enough attention to, is to hold in mind the feeling of what you want. Holding in mind the feeling is a crucial element.

You can see why. Think of a goal. Now check your feeling about it.

Often our feeling is one of lack. I don’t have it. So, no matter how wonderful the picture you have, if your feeling is lack, you will not get your goal. This is the place some people resist and say something like, “I can act like I have it, but I don’t really mean it.”

Here’s an example. I allow myself to have a have cash flow of at least $XXXXX a month or more with ease by releasing. No matter how much visualizing you do, if your feeling of having $XXXXX is, “I don’t have it,” you will not materialize it.

If you’re holding on to a lacking feeling, you’re sure to continue not to have it. So, what do you do?

Fake it ‘til you make it.

What does that mean? That means working up the picture and feeling that you have it. Remember Lindsey’s story. She’s feeling the racecourse, as well as seeing it.

At first, when you begin your goal, you could feel the lacking feeling, “I do not have it.” That’s where you start releasing. You release whatever you’re feeling in that moment. You bring it to wanting approval, wanting control or wanting to be safe, and you release.

Surely Lindsey, the first time she started seeing and feeling that mountain, had some uncertainty. So what? She kept going.

Maybe when you first start out on a goal, it’s 95% lacking and 5% having. You keep picturing, working up the feeling of having, and you keep releasing the lacking feelings. As you release, the percentage changes. Keep releasing and your percentage of having will become higher than the lacking feeling.

You persist with determination, holding the feeling you have it, until you have your goal accomplished.

Fake it ‘til you make it, is the process of holding the feeling of having and releasing feelings to the contrary.

And you keep at it throughout your day, or as long as it takes. When lacking feelings come to mind, you simply release, and replace those feelings with having feelings. Hold in mind the feeling of having your goal.

And keep on it until you win your race—until you achieve your goal.

A word on hootlessness about your goals: Hootlessness means releasing the wanting feelings until you’re ok if you have the goal, and you’re ok if you don’t have the goal. You’ve let go of all wanting.

The wanting blocks you from having. When you feel hootless—you’ve let go of all wanting—it’s important to continue to hold in mind that you have the goal, “I have it. I can do it!”

When you feel hootless, check where you are on the Scale of Emotions. Hootless means you’re in CAP. You see it, feel it, touch it, as if it’s yours now. CAP, while more and more subtle as you move to Acceptance and Peace, is an active feeling.

I have it. I can do it!

Hootless doesn’t mean you’re in apathy. Apathy is a passive, do nothing feeling. When you’re hootless and in CAP, action may or may not be required.

Lindsey continued practicing her ski runs. You may need to continue to practice. Intuition will tell you what if anything you need to do.

If you feel the goal is complete and nothing needs to be done, check to see where you are on the Scale of Emotions. If you’re in CAP with the feeling of you have accomplished the goal, you have it. You are right where you want to be for the goal to materialize. Just like Lindsey, you have control of your emotions, no wanting and a feeling of having.

Remember, Lindsey still needed to go up on that mountain at Whistler and do the race to accomplish her goal. Keep going until your goal is accomplished.

You can spend 30 days practicing the art of having your goals in the Financial Freedom & Life Mastery Telecourse, July 28 – August 28.

Just like Lindsey, who hired the best coaches to help her reach her goal of becoming a world champion, you will be coached by seven highly-trained instructors, committed to one thing only – doing whatever it takes for you to achieve your highest goals.

You’ll discover how quickly and easily it is to live life in CAP, knowing you can accomplish any goal, live any lifestyle, you decide to have – from here-on-out.

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Looking For Love?

Looking For Love?

Looking for love where it isn’t?

Larry Crane explains that most people are playing a game called “I love you if you do what I want. And if you don’t do what I want, well then I don’t want anything to do with you.”

How loving is that?

The fact being, we have all done this. Another fact is none of us likes to admit it that at times we are manipulating, which is our wanting approval, wanting control, or wanting to be safe and secure. 

Because at times we want others to give us something that exists within our own being, and it only creates tension within our relationships. You can be certain if you are demanding love from anyone, it will result in their pulling away from you. 

The same is true when they are seeking for us to give them love.

The result is when someone pulls away, we then feel rejected. Next, we begin to disapprove of ourselves and also disapprove of the other person because we believe they rejected us. Nothing positive is accomplished when we are acting in this manner.

Many people believe that in order to have love, they have to get it from another or do something for it.

Many of us also believe that we need others to give to us things, (i.e. love, permission, happiness, material objects, experiences, etc.) otherwise we won’t have these things or be able to experience these realities for ourselves. 

We have been confused about who exactly is the boss.

Relying on, or expecting others to give us what already exists within each of us, is silly. It also points out that we have forgotten that what we have or experience truly originates within each of us. In order for something good or bad to occur, we had to have thought about it at some previous time.

We spend great amounts of time thinking and believing that if we want something bad enough it will appear.

Wanting is actually what is preventing us from achieving our goals. Wanting is causing us to feel deprived in some way. Our wanting is actually our limited thinking creating the lack in the first place. 

Wanting is lusting for something or someone outside of ourselves and hoping this person or thing can fix us.

And by believing that we need others (things) to fix us, or that we need someone outside of us to give us permission on what we can or cannot have, is showing that what we are feeling is contingent upon another’s viewpoint. 

This is playing a fool’s game. This game causes us to feel unworthy to receive abundance.

Surely you can see how these limiting choices cause us to feel uncomfortable about ourselves and our relationships with others. We often seek the advice or recommendations of others and hope they will give us the answers to what we should do. This process is known as ‘figuring it out’ and giving up your power to choose for yourself.

Many of us still believe that our parents, spouse, boss, or other authority figures get to decide what we can have or experience. By relying on others, we are disempowering ourselves. This is another way that causes us to feel undeserving. 

This way of approaching life isn’t helpful as it places the responsibility of our being happy on another’s opinion.

If the other disagrees or says ‘No’ to us, then we are pretty much up a creek without a paddle. We feel immensely discouraged and frustrated. We don’t see that our holding in mind or believing that we need another to tell us what to do is creating a lack. 

Believing that you can’t or shouldn’t feel good about yourself or perhaps you shouldn’t try something new is creating very limited results. Believing that we can’t or shouldn’t is settling. 

We then further believe, “There is nothing we can do to change the situation or nothing we can do to change how we feel about what happened” (and we are stuck).

This begins a downward spiral causing us to feel even worse about ourselves and our circumstances.

Please realize that the one who caused all of this drama to occur is us. We did it and have been doing this same thing for quite some time.

It’s time to take responsibility for what we are creating.

The reality is, that we are the only ones denying ourselves the opportunity to choose ‘what is right’ for ourselves. We may not like to see it, but if we look closely at our habit of asking others what we can have, we have to first believe we lack. 

If someone says no to us, we should look to see what we held in mind to create that outcome. If we are persistent in looking for the cause of what we created, we will find that it was our thought(s) at some previous time. 

We are all communicating by sending and receiving energy from each other. If someone says no to us, it is only because they are picking up our subconscious thoughts. They told us “No” quite simply because we weren’t feeling confident, deserving, or worthy. Their response is what we are holding in mind, either consciously or unconsciously.

Whatever we are holding in mind becomes the reality or out-projection of what is created on the physical plane.

If you would like to experience better results and feeling more love for yourself, begin by holding in mind a peaceful and harmonious outcome at all times. Have a positive intention for everything you do. 

Fill yourself with love and approval on a regular basis. This way you won’t have to rely on getting love from others.

Be willing to try and learn new things. Love yourself, and all of the answers that you are seeking will become available to you. Learn to trust yourself. Learn to really like the person you are today. These are tremendous gains if you will allow yourself to experience this way of living.

Remember nothing negative ever results from being positive or loving.

Get involved. Sharing the method with others will greatly offer you and the folks you are sharing with an opportunity to experience real love.

Allow others to have the method more than you want approval, control, or safety. Doing an attachment and aversion exercise on sharing the method will help you to come from a more loving place. 

Be sure to share your personal gains and how releasing has enriched your life. After all, that’s what we’re all looking for. But most people don’t know where to find it. You have the answer every human on the planet is looking for. How loving is it, to keep it to yourself?

Where would we be today if Lester and Larry had not shared what they knew to be true with each and every one of us?

That’s right. We’d be up a creek without a paddle.

Allow others to benefit in a wonderful and prosperous way as you have. Love is the answer! Share the love!

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Steps to Overflowing Abundance

Steps to Overflowing Abundance

”Amazing Things Happen at The Release Technique”

Are you on track with your New Year’s resolution Intensions and Goals?

Remember intentions or goals, means we are continuously willing to keep moving forward and challenge ourselves to be positive. We are determined to overcome whatever issue that we would like to resolve. If overeating, smoking, drinking, excess internet gaming are issues that you would like to really overcome, you need to decide for yourself that you would like to be done with holding onto these habits. Perhaps by doing an Attachment and Aversion exercise regarding your resolution (habit, goal, etc.) will help you begin to see what you are holding in mind about why you continue to hold onto the habit(s). There is no judgment. In order to achieve our goals, we have to be willing to examine our thinking, and correct what we are holding in mind.

Most people that hold onto negative habits actually have one or more programs (of wanting approval, wanting control or wanting to be safe/secure), running in relation to their habit. A habit is just another means of protecting ourselves with fear. Larry Crane has suggested whenever we have the urge to smoke/eat (some other negative habit), to release first (perhaps doing a few rounds of the, “What’s good? What’s bad?” exercise) in relation to having/not having the cigarette/food (or other substance or activity). In the example of deciding to have a cigarette (other substance or activity) after releasing, well go ahead and enjoy it. By suggesting enjoying the cigarette (other substance or activity) if that’s what you decided to have, is taking responsibility. It is also allowing you to see for yourself that you made the decision to have or not have the cigarette (other substance or activity). Notice there is no disapproval regarding smoking (or other habits). Remember that whatever you decide to do, or not do, is Ok. Guilt and shame are negative ways of motivating ourselves. So if you notice this is something that you are doing, please catch this and change your focus. The suggestion is to release first simply for the purpose of showing you what you are holding in mind. This exercise is so extremely powerful and can be applied in regards to any resolution or negative habit.

Perhaps having a goal statement such as, “I allow myself to have and enjoy a healthy lifestyle” is a great place to see what you are holding in mind. Negative habits impair our ability to discriminate. Although it appears that we may gain a perceived level of temporary satisfaction from the habit, in reality the habit is causing our underlying feelings and their root concerns still remain. The issue of hanging onto negative habits appears to be for the purpose of social enjoyment, when in actuality we use these vices to avoid facing our feelings. If we look at our habits closely, we may actually see that there are things we don’t like about these activities. If we are complaining about cost, time, etc., we are also disapproving which is further perpetuating a negative reality. As with any unwanted habit, they only remain because we are holding onto stories and limited beliefs from the past. Every issue is showing us some level of attachment and aversion. Any unwanted habit can easily and positively be reduced and eliminated simply by applying your releasing skills. Alcohol, tobacco, gaming, and other activities, are a means of avoidance or a mechanism of separation. None of this is good or bad, it is just something that we’ve decided at a previous time. 

The truth of the matter is our unwanted habits result in our feeling unhappy. If you’ll take a moment and notice there is something that you want to change and are unwilling to take responsibility for you we are feeling. By avoiding to look at what we are holding in mind, prevents us from accomplishing what we would like to achieve. In order for us to overcome any unwanted habit, we need to be in the energy of Courageousness, Acceptance, or Peace. Releasing is a scientifically proven formula of success. It works on any situation. Sometimes, because we have been on automatic for a long time when we begin dealing with resolutions, intentions or goals related to unwanted habits (weight, smoking, or something else), our initial tendency is to resist. If you notice you are resisting, simply become aware that the resistance is there. By moving towards the resistance you are moving towards being positive and will begin to feel lighter and calmer. Just by observing your feelings creates a shift in awareness, as we realize that our feelings, are just recordings from the past. These feelings are also attached to past decisions that we have made, in various levels of AGFLP and wanting, and are still running in our subconscious minds. By moving towards the resistance, gives you an opportunity to decide to move into CAP. You’ll notice that by moving into CAP you are now capable of releasing the unwanted feelings that are coming up to leave. By witnessing the activity in the mind, you’ll also notice there isn’t any judging, struggling, or trying to escape. What is coming into your awareness is coming up for the mere purpose of being released. If you ask the energy, “If it would like to leave,” it will respond, “YES!” So please, welcome up the energy and just let it go. Notice this is simply a decision. You can struggle or you can move into higher energy, discriminate, and be free from holding onto that which is ready to leave.

Being free of unwanted habits, is deciding that you CAN achieve your goals. It is stating you are willing to keep going. If the habit remains, it is only showing you there are more layers to confront. By making the decision to continue to release, and keep moving forward, you are accepting whatever situation that you have created for yourself and are choosing mastery over misery. Each release makes it easier for you to bring up deeper layers of the stories that you are holding onto. You are declaring ENOUGH of being run by a stories, habits or limitations. If we choose to continue holding onto the stories and pictures from the past, it is deciding that we would rather protect ourselves with fear and other negative emotions. If we look at the example of the releasing water from the bath tub, we see that when we are ready to remove the plug or release the latch on the drain, that the water simply starts to empty itself out. The same is true with our feelings. If we don’t give the feelings permission to leave, they will remain, just as the water will remain in the bathtub. Life is a decision. You can keep decide to keep your unwanted habits and feelings or you can let them go. What do you decide? Why not just strengthen your decision for freedom and have all of the goodness that is available to you!

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Change Your Energy!

Change Your Energy!

”Change Your Energy For the New Year”

The first step to attract what you want is to change or shift your energy. Everything in this world is made up of energy, including us. Other people pick up on your energy. If it’s positive you’ll attract positive people into your life. If you have negative energy, you’ll always attract negative people and negative situations into your life. If you find that you are getting exactly what you don’t want or if you find that you are not getting what you want then there’s a very good chance that you’re simply sending out the wrong energy. In the end you’ll attract what corresponds to your energy. Negative energy attracts negative situations. Positive energy attracts positive situations. It’s really that simple. So if you’re not getting what you want— you’re likely sending out the wrong energy.

Change your energy and you’ll likely start getting what you want. Just what is your energy? Your energy is based on your thoughts and beliefs. Your subconscious mind picks up on your thoughts and beliefs and goes out and creates situations that correspond to your thoughts and beliefs. Other people pick up your energy on a subconscious level. They’re not consciously aware of your energy but they just develop a feeling about you based on your energy. If you have negative energy you’ll attract negative people and negative situations. At the same time you’ll repel positive people and positive situations. This is not a good combination if you want to create a positive and successful life. 

How does it all work? If you constantly think of the worst, if you find that you are regularly negative, if you don’t believe that you can ever achieve anything, if you don’t believe that anybody can be good, if you constantly complain, if you always see the worst in situations, if you regularly put others down, if you’re just a negative person you will develop negative energy and in the end you’ll only attract more negative situations into your life. So what do you do? How do you turn things around? Start Releasing and it will change the way you see things and begin eliminating the negative thoughts and negative beliefs. 

This will help change your energy so that you begin to attract what you want. This means that you will Release on positive situations. You will find that things will work out: looking for solutions instead of complaining, being more understanding by Releasing instead of getting angry. By Releasing you will look at things from a different perspective, embrace changes and look for opportunities instead of CHANGE YOUR ENERGY! 40 focusing on the problems and no longer believing that the worst will happen. Life is a decision. Decide to Release all situations and you will continually change the way you think and see things. 

You’ll begin to naturally attract more positive situations into your life. You may have heard it before: you are what you attract. And if you are not getting what you want out of life it’s time to change the way you think and act. By Releasing you will be able to change your energy and attract better, positive situations into your life while creating and attracting what you want. During the day observe how you respond to situations. See how you react to things you don’t like, or just to situations in general. Pay attention to the comments you make to friends, colleagues and relatives. • Are they positive or negative? • 

Do you always point out the negative? • Do you complain or think of the worst? • If something goes wrong do you get angry, blame somebody, or have a series of negative thoughts? Or do you focus on a solution, and start Releasing and create the changes that you want? If you find that you have a negative reaction, then you’re only creating more negative energy and attracting more negative situations. Start changing how you think. Releasing creates positive thoughts and positive situations. By Releasing you will find solutions and you’ll begin attracting more positive situations into your life

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A Better Way of Handling Anger

A Better Way of Handling Anger

After the last 18 months of the Pandemic, people have had so much built up anger and frustration. Anger is an emotion.  Anger only exists if we give it power.  Screaming and yelling usually results in more screaming and yelling.  When we are enraged, we are out-of-control.  The minute we begin to raise our voice, we are lowering our energy.  We are allowing another person’s insecurity to bring us down.  By reacting negatively, we have interrupted our ability to perceive rationally.  Remaining calm and peaceful during heated discussions is a much better place to be and it is truly a skill.  The tendency to react is feeding your ego negatively.  First someone yells, and then we respond by yelling back.  After we vented our non-loving feelings, we often are plagued with guilt.  This mental replay is what starts the ‘coulda/woulda/shoulda syndrome.’  This pattern progresses into ‘figuring-it-out’ with more judgment of yourself and others.  And the problem remains…

When we are angry, it is only because we want to be right…  We are in fear…  We are resisting…  We are coming from a position of lack…  Learning to deal with anger can greatly help us to have improved health and also better relationships.  Seeing things from a deeper level helps us to have clarity as to ‘why’ we are reacting in the ways we do.  Our responding in a knee-jerk manner is communicating in an ineffective manner.  These patterns are often repeated because we don’t know how to stop reacting in anger.  We may think there is nothing we can do to change these patterns.  We repeat negative and angry patterns, quite simply, because no one ever showed us how we can respond differently.  We can actually train ourselves to see our own triggers and can then decide to respond in other ways.  We can then decide to make better choices.

When we recognize that we have a tendency to react in anger, is our beginning to discriminate.  By learning how to remain calm, offers us a much better opportunity of being successful in business and in personal relationships.  An extremely powerful way to diffuse anger is to keep quiet.  If someone is yelling, it is always a result of what we are holding in mind.  If we are able to keep quiet, we have a much better chance of remaining in control.  Instead of judging another, the situation, or yourself, please remember to immediately begin applying love.  By applying love, we are moving into a higher level of action.  By remaining calm helps us to remain in a neutral place.  In order to feel calm, it is helpful to silently say, “I Love You!”  Applying love is being smart.  See for yourself and say, “I Love You” 3-times.  Just by saying this phrase is calming and peaceful.  In saying this phrase repeatedly, instantly will diffuse the anger of another person.  Love is the answer.  Love is the most powerful energy in the universe.  You can love or hate.  The choice is yours… and it always will be.

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