Moving Beyond Limitation into Happiness

Moving Beyond Limitation into Happiness

It occurred to me that, “Limitation” and “Happiness” are on opposite ends of the spectrum; so in order to for us move beyond limitation and into happiness, we need to see what we are really holding in mind.  Lester Levenson has said, “There are no problems unless we are holding onto them.”  By trying to eliminate a problem, is an indication that we are holding the wrong thing in mind.  By facing our ego allows us to move past any limitation or negativity.  Any problem that we are facing or experiencing, involves us to continue chipping away at the associated layers of wanting, AGFLAP and resistance.  There are multiple layers of non-loving thoughts and beliefs, habits, programs, and holding onto the problem(s), which is why the problem(s) aren’t going away.  Details and incidents from the past are deeply submerged within your conscious mind.  In order for us to move completely out of limitation and into happiness, requires that we diligently face our aversion topics.  When we hold in mind unhealthy tendencies, we are creating unhealthy outcomes.  So therefore, in order to have a healthier and happier lifestyle, we need to look at and understand what it really means to take responsibility for our feelings.

Lester Levenson and Larry Crane have been sharing and teaching the Release® Technique method for decades.  Lester and Larry teach us that our basic nature is “Love and Happiness.” They remind us that nothing external to us can make us happy.  Lester’s discovery in 1952 reveals that by overcoming negative thought patterns is what leads us towards realizing higher states of well-being.  Releasing shows us that “there are no limitations or impossibilities,” except of the things that we are holding in mind.  Releasing also shows us how we can take direct responsibility for our own circumstances.  We do this by strengthening our intention for FREEDOM and mastery over the problem.  A great way of letting go of wanting control or wanting to change is to reference the words within the Serenity Prayer.  This prayer is perhaps one of the best examples of praying as it reminds us to “Let go and Let God!”  The words within this prayer share a powerful message.  These words encourage us to remain in CAP.  Please take a moment to read the words out loud and hear the message that is being conveyed.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
and Wisdom to know the difference.

“Serenity” is defined as:  the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil; and in terms of releasing it is being at peace – everything is perfect.  Wisdom relates to discerning or deciding wisely.  By learning the Release® Technique method, we learn that Courageousness, Acceptance, and Peace are easily available to us once we know where to look.  By accepting the things we cannotchange, we can move past wanting to change the past. ‘Wanting to change’ is a limitation that we are holding in mind.  Resistance is also a limitation.  AGFLAP is another limitation.  Wanting of anything is definitely a limitation.  Unfortunately, we cannot change events from the past.  We can, however, change how we feel in relation to those events.  And, certainly all of this brings up more things for us to release.

Problems remain, only to point out, that we are out-of-control in relation to a matter that we created and temporarily forgot we are holding onto.  When we look at our so-called problems, obstacles and limitations, we are consciously choosing to move beyond those limitations.  We are expressing our will to be happy at all times.  Releasing helps us to move beyond unhealthy tendencies and dependencies by teaching us how to take full and complete responsibility for everything that we experience.  So if a problem continues to exist, instead of stopping, getting frustrated, or reacting negatively, see this as an opportunity to dig deeper.  By releasing the past and letting go of the limitations we are holding onto, and by removing the “I can’t and I won’t” beliefs, moves us further towards happiness in health, wealth and relationships.

Each non-loving feeling and thought is holding a limitation in place.  By releasing the limitations that we are holding in mind, allows us to connect with the positive energy.  The feelings actually want to leave. The experience of happiness without sorrow, without regret, is only possible if we continue to knock out the remaining blocks of limitation.  Each time we attend a release class or call, practice releasing, complete any of the exercises, and share the method with others, generates momentum.  The momentum we are creating is for the purpose of moving beyond all limitation.  Our momentum is also establishing an upward-shift in the realm of positive-only.  The answers you seek are truly within.  Just by releasing and letting go of the limitations stored up in your subconscious mind, automatically move you towards happiness. Happiness and love are your basic nature.  Being happy allows you to experience abundance, joy and FREEDOM.

Lester Levenson wrote a lovely letter and shares incredible insights on topics such as: health, wealth, love and happiness.  He speaks to us about these various topics and reminds us that we all have the same stories. This is obvious when we hear him say, “Talk about me, talk about you, and I realize what’s the difference.”  Anytime we encounter material by Lester inspires us to continue moving forward.  Lester’s wisdom and guidance are such loving examples of being an unlimited being.  As we move towards happiness, we experience inner grace and peace.  Love and happiness are the true building blocks of imperturbability.  Join us on the New Live Butt System course that starts on June 4th * * * Butt System 2.0 Tele (JUNE 2021) * * * – Release Technique

Do You Find Yourself Floating Above Your Garbage?

Do You Find Yourself Floating Above Your Garbage?

As a result of releasing, we sometimes feel peaceful and mistakenly think, “I no longer have to release anymore because (fill in the blank)!” Well that thought is listening to your ego. Releasing is a decision and a continual way of removing the non-loving feelings. By actively looking for the non-loving feelings through releasing, allows us to take responsibility for what we have created. The reason we are feeling SO good, is because we are investing in ourselves and eliminating the not-so-good feelings that we have been holding onto for so long. So when we choose to stop releasing, we are making a decision to allow our ego to be in charge. This decision results in our beginning to ‘float above the remaining garbage.’ We are deciding to keep the remaining negativity.

Being on automatic remains the predominant way of thinking unless we clean up all the negativity that we are holding onto. By choosing to stop releasing, is only because we are afraid to succeed. We are afraid of positive because we don’t understand it. Positive never hurts. If you want to know what hurts it is listening to stories from the past. It is also doubting, resisting, being in fear and escaping. These tendencies will keep us stuck, often for long periods of time, if we aren’t discriminating. The doubt, resistance, fear, and escaping tendencies are simply programs that we created to protect the negativity. Again all of this is showing us, that we have many negative programs running. This is why Lester Levenson created the Goals and Resistance and What Do I Want to do When I Grow Upcourses. He knew that we all have resistance and fear and that in order to overcome these tendencies, first we need to learn to release, and second we needed to have the appropriate tools that would help us to overcome the habit of being on automatic. The only reason we choose to remain limited is because we haven’t yet mastered our thoughts. Mastery is about getting bigger than the ego. Mastery is about giving ourselves permission to keep going; to keep releasing. Mastery is moving forward.

Everything that happens to us (good or bad) is the result of a previous thought(s). If we are, ‘what if-ing…,’ ‘why not-ting…,’ or ‘no way-ing…,’ these are all forms of disapproval, figuring things out, wanting to change and wanting to be safe. Lester tells us, “That each and every thought will materialize, unless we neutralize the thought. If we don’t neutralize the thought, it will manifest at sometime in the future, if not immediately.” As we release and become more positive, we are also bringing up deeper levels of wanting and AGFLAP. Fear, resistance and wanting are what cause us to ‘think’ we no longer need to release. The reason we want to escape the next feeling, is because we haven’t decided to take responsibility for our feelings. Remember, the ego cannot discriminate or release as it is simply a ‘record and playback unit’ that is incapable of taking action. If we are in AGFLAP, wanting to change, wanting to escape, wanting to figure something out, we are revealing to ourselves that YES there is more garbage in the filing cabinet of the mind and that we have more work to do.

Because all thoughts will manifest at some point in time, if the majority of our thoughts are negative, chances are, as life moves forward and we aren’t releasing, it is logical to point out that negative events will continue to materialize. Negative events occur simply, and for no other reason, because that’s what we are holding in mind. Each event, negative or positive, is based on something from the past. The feelings are coming up to leave. Your feelings are trying to get your attention so they can be released. The only way the feelings can leave, is if we welcome them and let them go. In being all loving, we come to understand that we no longer need to run, hide, or escape, as beingness offers us the opportunity to find wholeness, perfection and peace within our self. The only reason we choose to move away from releasing is because of negative programs and stories that are running. None of these stories is the real you. By holding onto negative programs causes us to sabotage ourselves from being successful in relationships, in health, and matters related to our finances. Holding onto negative programs, or floating above the garbage, also prevents us from overcoming the limitations that remain buried within our subconscious mind.

By making a decision and continuing to release is increasing of one’s momentum. In doing so, we are actually making a commitment to become freer of the total baggage that is keeping us limited. The mind is mostly subconscious and negative; therefore it requires a big effort from each of us to keep moving forward and to actively continue to remove the negativity. Anytime we are floating above our garbage, Step #1 of the method is off. By making a decision to have, be or do something, or simply deciding not to have it, is choosing freedom over AGFLAP. Whatever it is that you truly would like to experience, is available by deciding to stop floating above the garbage. If we did it, we can undo it! If we are running from the past, trust that there are negative stories running. The associated programs are affecting your health, relationships, and your overall level of abundance. By making a decision to move into courageousness, acceptance or peace helps us to immediately become unstuck. Just by giving ourselves permission to be Ok with whatever is coming up, in the minute we stop resisting, the struggle is over. We moved into CAP. By being Ok with whatever happened, we are taking responsibility for our feelings. Through releasing, we can immediately begin to feel relieved of whatever ails us. We can finally be done trying to change the past! We can accept whatever is coming up, as it is something from the past that wants to leave!

By filling ourselves up with positive energy regularly, makes releasing the AGFLAP, releasing the wanting, and releasing the fear and resistance much easier to handle. Remind yourself who is in charge. As the boss, you are capable of getting bigger than the ego, fear, wanting or resistance, simply by letting go of floating. As we continue to release, things will continue to further improve in all areas of our lives. Why stop with a piece of the pie, when you can have the have the entire pie of goodness that is available to you? All of the goodness and happiness that you are seeking is right where you are. It’s all inside of you waiting to be uncovered. You are the beautiful, successful, happiness that you are seeking. Make the decision to have a life filled with total happiness and no regrets. Keep releasing as it helps you to stop floating above the garbage. Decide once and for all, that enough is enough. Love Yourself…Or if you are new to Releasing, how about experiencing this life changing transformational technique for yourself?

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The Release Technique Team

5 Techniques to Quiet Your Mind

5 Techniques to Quiet Your Mind

The world isn’t interested in a quiet mind.  The world is interested in a noisy, agitated, worked-up mind. Just look at the news today about the pandemic, vaccine and the recent Election. There is even more noise today. Is it any surprise most people in the world aren’t happy? Is it any surprise most people in the world are sick, miserable and suffering?  Not to mention living in a state of lack?

The best proof that happiness comes from a quiet mind is looking at the noisy world and how unhappy a majority of its 7 billion inhabitants are.  Noise is the coin of the realm of worldliness.  Noise. And the louder the better to drown out the suppressed feelings caused by all the noise using even more and more noise.

How many people can just sit comfortably in the quiet of their mind?  Most of the world says, turn on the TV.  Turn it up loud, so I can hear it.  Turn up that car radio. I want to memorize those lyrics to that new song. Let’s go to the movies and watch the latest blow ‘em up, shoot ‘em up.  Let’s get a new sound system so we can have a speaker in every room.  Surround sound. Yes, surround your self with sound, with noise, with chatter and clatter. That’s the world’s take on it.

The more noise, the more excitement, the more thrills, the better life it is. So the world seems to think. Then why is everyone so unhappy? Why are more and more people getting sick.  Why so many prescription drugs being sold? Why so many medical tests?  Why so much insomnia, stress, heart trouble? Why so much stress, anxiety and fighting?

Could it be, the very thing you cherish is the cause of your demise?

What if there were a war and no one came?

What if there were all this noise and no one participated anymore?  Would the war you have going on inside of you cease to be?  Would your stress cease to be?  Would your anxiety finally come to an end? Would your fear disappear?

With the Release Technique tools you can quiet your mind.  You can let go of the noise and the noise-makers and quiet your mind.  As your mind quiets, more and more peace comes in and the happier and happier you become.

It’s the expression, “addition by subtraction.”  As you subtract the noise, you add to your quiet, to your peace of mind, to your happiness.  But, you’ll be bored. You won’t have anything to do. What would you talk about?  You’ll be a zombie.  That’s what you’re mind is saying.  And, that’s how your world operates. The more noise the better.  More concerts, more loud music, more movies, more sporting events, more conversations, more television.  More things to “look forward to.”  More excitement.

It’s all mind noise. It’s all adding more noise to that mind of yours. Where does it all lead?  It leads to what nearly everyone has. Mental bang, bang, bang and not knowing how to put a stop to it.

All you know is to try to escape it.  A few drinks, a tranquilizer, some mindless TV.  Those aren’t escapes. They’re reinforcements.  The very things you use to escape the noise in your head are part of what is causing, or even worse, covering up—suppressing— that noise in the first place.

What’s the answer?  If your computer isn’t working so good, you go in and start deleting the viruses.  Same with your mind.  Is your computer malfunctioning?  Here’s how to measure.  Do you have all the abundance you would like to have?  All the money, all the health, all the loving relationships, all the happiness and success?  If you’re unable to answer yes, go in and start deleting those mental viruses.  Start knocking them out and your mental computer will begin working like it was designed to work. And, you’ll find everything in your life falling into line.

In the Release Technique, you learn how to delete the mental viruses. You learn simple, easily learned and instantaneously provable tools to rid yourself of what’s blocking your abundance.  You experience it. You’re able to prove it to yourself.  You’re able to see results right away.  Go to Learn the 5 steps of quieting the mind in one of our live classes.

You have nothing to lose except all that noise that is blocking your abundance.

Fear of Dying

If you ever plan to visit Europe, be sure to put Brno (Czech Republic) on your list.

There is an old crypt located beneath the church at the Capuchin Square which holds about twenty mummified corpses.

Amazingly, due to the good geological structure of soil and system of air-holes, it was possible to preserve those corpses, now in full display, in the underground of the church to the present-day.

When you enter the crypt, there is a warning in Latin, “Tu Fui, Ego Eris” which translated into English says “What You Are, I Was. What I Am, You Will Be”.

Take a moment and think about that.

Death and physical decay is an experience that awaits all material things.

It is simply a matter of time.

Nothing material can escape death.

However, there are some important question we need to ask ourselves.

Is death really the opposite of Life, or is it simply an integral part of Life?

Who is the one that dies in the end?

Who is the one that fears death?

You see, we all have this fear of dying in us.

Fear of dying is, in reality, the root cause of all our fears.

Consciously or subconsciously, we all want to escape death and dying.

We want to escape the great disappearing.

So we resist, we run away and hide, we occupy our minds and our lives with trivial experiences (good or bad) in a desperate attempt to outrun death and escape dying.

And how is that working out?

Is it really possible to outrun death?

How many of us expect to be living in this car-cases for the next 100 years?

Or even next 50 years?

Instead of fighting this battle we cannot win, trying to keep this car-case safe and secure forever, why don’t we get smart and release the fear of dying right now?

After all it is the last thing that we need to let go in order to become totally free, the last thing directly enslaving us to a separate and limited ego mind.

I remember my first tele-course with Larry. He asked me what is my goal, and I responded that I would like to become fearless.

He said, “Oh that is easy, all you need to do is release all your fears!”.

And now years later, I can see that he was absolutely right.

I have experienced that I can release the fear of dying just like any other fear.

And I also experienced that by releasing, I get to be happier and lighter, as well as more courageous, accepting and in peace.

Releasing fear of dying in a peaceful environment, supported by a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to Step 1 of the Method, only makes the whole process quicker and more enjoyable.

When you release the fear of dying you will be releasing a TON of subconscious garbage and AGFLAP.

And you will be going straight for the root.

You will be taking the bull by the horns.

Imagine the improvements in your life when you let go of this ultimate fear.

Imagine the freedom.

Imagine the imperturbability.

What will you be able to do?

How will you be able to live?

I am sure you can recognize that by letting this fear go your life will improve immensely.

And that is exactly what we will be doing at our 7-Day Final Step Retreat, which will be held May 26 – June 1, 2018 at the Granlibakken Conference Center & Lodge in Lake Tahoe, CA.

We will be letting go all our fears and AGFLAP.

We will go all the way.

We will take the Final Step.

This advanced course is for graduates and serious releasers only.

So if you are ready to drop your fears once and for all, I advise you to check out all the details and reserve your spot at our 7-Day Final Step Retreat web-page or call our Los Angeles office at 1 (818) 385-0611, Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM.

Looking forward seeing old, as well as the new members of the “Grateful dead” RT club!

How to Achieve Health and Fitness Mastery

Perhaps you are already familiar with this story?

In 1952, at the age of 42, a New Jersey physicist and successful businessman suffered his second massive heart attack.

In those days, they did not have bypass surgery or heart transplants, so there was very little the hospital could do for him, and therefore he was sent home to die!

That man was Lester Levenson.

His doctor gave him two weeks to live, three at the most.

This prompted Lester to begin a series of introspections which lead him to realization that it was his own suppressed feelings that were the root cause of all his problems.

It was his own feelings that had destroyed his health… making him suffer in every other way, too.

And he also discovered that by releasing all his feelings of lack he can totally cure himself.

Lester’s discovery led to the creation of the Release Technique.

In the Release Technique you learn that wanting is lacking.

And you also know that mind works like a computer.

Whatever you keep in mind you experience in your reality.

Meaning that if you want something, you are actually keeping a picture of lack in your mind.

If you are wanting to lose weight, wanting to get healthy or resisting the pain and wanting it to go away, you are, in reality, sustaining it “out there”.

So, in order to achieve the desired result of health or fitness it is really important to let go of all the negative pictures from your mind.

No matter how imperfect the body, it can be made perfect.

It is impossible to be sick without holding the picture of it in your mind!

Remember, mind is a trickster.

If you let it run you, your life will be the life of a slave.

Keep in mind, how you do anything is how you do everything.

So, by working on your physical appearance, fitness or health you are not just affecting those areas alone.

During the years when releasers were working on health and fitness, they noticed that letting go of negative pictures related to the body, as well as fear of dying, resistance and disapproval, also dramatically improved their relationships, abundance and overall prosperity!

After all, it is the same principle that heals a sick body as well as a sick pocketbook.

Imagine working on your body image, getting that health or fitness goal, and as an added benefit you also get financial or some other unexpected surprise?

Most of the people will say that is impossible.

However, for the number of releasers worldwide, it is a reality.

And it can be your reality as well.

Learn how to master your body and your mind and you will achieve mastery of your life.

Join us on the upcoming Health and Fitness Tele-Course and eliminate your weight & health problems or any other problems that keep bothering you, once and for all!


“When you really love, you understand the other one fully.”
-Lester Levenson
How come something simple and pure as love, become complicated, conditioned and difficult to experience?
It is because we have it all wired wrong.
We think love comes from someone or something other than us.
We think love needs to be earned or deserved.
We confuse love with lust, with control, and with possessions.
We even believe we need to become worthy of it.
Everything that majority of people do in the world comes from the desire for love.
This desire causes us to seek approval, acceptance, attention, power, fame, and fortune.
However, real love cannot be obtained in this way, and we soon become very frustrated and unhappy.
We drown in negativity and AGFLAP.
And real love has nothing to do with being negative.
But at the same time, real love can dissolve all forms of negativity.
Real love awakens the soul; it makes us reach for more, and it inspires us to become a better person.
It plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our mind. It makes you realize that you can love someone in spite of the fact that they’re not perfect.
Real love is the universal solvent.
If fully applied to any problem, it will transform it, and the outcome will usually be better than we ever imagined.
This is also true for relationships.
Authenticity with each other promotes healthier and more satisfying relationships.
You see, real love has no element of needing the other one, or possessing the other one and wants only to make the other one happy.
In theory, this all makes a lot of sense, but in practice, it can be easier said than done, for the majority of us.
That is why we need constant reminders and re-experiencing until we fully acknowledge and accept love as our basic nature.
So I would like to extend this special invitation for you to join us in practicing what Lester discovered for himself and then shared with us.
He reminded us time after time that all the love in the universe is in our basic nature.
We simply need to remove the obstacles to experiencing that.
We need to remove the concepts of non-love.
That is why we are starting a brand new course, with the intention of it being the manual of love from Lester.
We invite you to practice love with us on our upcoming Love & Empowering Relationship Tele-course which will be held for six consecutive Mondays at 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm (Pacific), starting March 26 – April 30, 2018.
The more we develop love, the more we come in touch with the harmony of the universe, the more delightful our life becomes, the more beautiful, the more everything.
It starts a cycle going in which you spin upwards.
So join us, empower yourself, and watch your life spin upwards!
Release Technique