You’ve heard Lester’s advice, “Hold in mind only what you want and that’s all you would get.”

But realistically, how do you do that?

Here’s an example (from Sports Illustrated, February 8, 2010 by Tim Layden):

Lindsey Vonn, America’s best woman skier ever, skis the Olympic downhill race in her mind…” balanced with each foot on a nylon slack line suspended three feet off the pebbled orange rubber floor. She is crouched in an aerodynamic tuck, her hands thrust out in front of her chin. She closes her eyes imagining she is on the downhill course at Whistler.

She begins shifting her weight rhythmically from one foot to the other as if executing high speed turns on a Canadian mountainside more than 5,000 miles away.

She exhales and inhales forcefully, mimicking the aerobic demands of high-speed racing alternately gliding and turning. Close your eyes with her and you can almost hear the chattering of snow beneath skis.”

She finishes and says, “ I love that exercise. Once I visualize a course, I never forget… exactly the run I want to have. I control my emotions and just make it routine.”

That’s how you hold in mind what you want.

You work up the picture in your mind, with as much detail as possible of your goal already accomplished. See it, feel it, touch it, as if it’s yours now.

A key ingredient, not always paid enough attention to, is to hold in mind the feeling of what you want. Holding in mind the feeling is a crucial element.

You can see why. Think of a goal. Now check your feeling about it.

Often our feeling is one of lack. I don’t have it. So, no matter how wonderful the picture you have, if your feeling is lack, you will not get your goal. This is the place some people resist and say something like, “I can act like I have it, but I don’t really mean it.”

Here’s an example. I allow myself to have a have cash flow of at least $XXXXX a month or more with ease by releasing. No matter how much visualizing you do, if your feeling of having $XXXXX is, “I don’t have it,” you will not materialize it.

If you’re holding on to a lacking feeling, you’re sure to continue not to have it. So, what do you do?

Fake it ‘til you make it.

What does that mean? That means working up the picture and feeling that you have it. Remember Lindsey’s story. She’s feeling the racecourse, as well as seeing it.

At first, when you begin your goal, you could feel the lacking feeling, “I do not have it.” That’s where you start releasing. You release whatever you’re feeling in that moment. You bring it to wanting approval, wanting control or wanting to be safe, and you release.

Surely Lindsey, the first time she started seeing and feeling that mountain, had some uncertainty. So what? She kept going.

Maybe when you first start out on a goal, it’s 95% lacking and 5% having. You keep picturing, working up the feeling of having, and you keep releasing the lacking feelings. As you release, the percentage changes. Keep releasing and your percentage of having will become higher than the lacking feeling.

You persist with determination, holding the feeling you have it, until you have your goal accomplished.

Fake it ‘til you make it, is the process of holding the feeling of having and releasing feelings to the contrary.

And you keep at it throughout your day, or as long as it takes. When lacking feelings come to mind, you simply release, and replace those feelings with having feelings. Hold in mind the feeling of having your goal.

And keep on it until you win your race—until you achieve your goal.

A word on hootlessness about your goals: Hootlessness means releasing the wanting feelings until you’re ok if you have the goal, and you’re ok if you don’t have the goal. You’ve let go of all wanting.

The wanting blocks you from having. When you feel hootless—you’ve let go of all wanting—it’s important to continue to hold in mind that you have the goal, “I have it. I can do it!”

When you feel hootless, check where you are on the Scale of Emotions. Hootless means you’re in CAP. You see it, feel it, touch it, as if it’s yours now. CAP, while more and more subtle as you move to Acceptance and Peace, is an active feeling.

I have it. I can do it!

Hootless doesn’t mean you’re in apathy. Apathy is a passive, do nothing feeling. When you’re hootless and in CAP, action may or may not be required.

Lindsey continued practicing her ski runs. You may need to continue to practice. Intuition will tell you what if anything you need to do.

If you feel the goal is complete and nothing needs to be done, check to see where you are on the Scale of Emotions. If you’re in CAP with the feeling of you have accomplished the goal, you have it. You are right where you want to be for the goal to materialize. Just like Lindsey, you have control of your emotions, no wanting and a feeling of having.

Remember, Lindsey still needed to go up on that mountain at Whistler and do the race to accomplish her goal. Keep going until your goal is accomplished.

You can spend 30 days practicing the art of having your goals in the Financial Freedom & Life Mastery Telecourse, July 28 – August 28.

Just like Lindsey, who hired the best coaches to help her reach her goal of becoming a world champion, you will be coached by seven highly-trained instructors, committed to one thing only – doing whatever it takes for you to achieve your highest goals.

You’ll discover how quickly and easily it is to live life in CAP, knowing you can accomplish any goal, live any lifestyle, you decide to have – from here-on-out.

Join us for the 30-day Course and let’s get you to victory!

Love Is Always the Answer!

Love Is Always the Answer!

Love Is The Answer

The entire basis of releasing is to remind us that our basic nature is love and happiness.  Love is the most positive and most powerful energy in the universe.  Larry Crane has said, “Everyone on the planet is looking for love.”  An example of this point is by typing the word “Love” into any search engine. Google’s site contained 4,190,000,000 results at the time this search was retrieved.  So it is obvious that there is a lot of information on this topic; and yet there is still much confusion in relation to what real love is about.  Listed here are several things related to love that you might not realize.  First of all, love isn’t a deal.  Loving isn’t stupid or ignorant.  “Love is a feeling of givenness with no thought of receiving anything in return for it,” says Lester Levenson, the founder of the release method.  He also shares another important message, “When there are problems, if we love more, they would disappear. When love is complete, the problem dissolves immediately.”  When we learn the Release® Technique method, we are helping ourselves to be more loving.   

Being that our mind is mostly sub-conscious, it is really difficult to know what we are holding onto.  The circumstances we experience are based totally upon whatever we are holding in mind.  Have you ever bought, leased, or were considering buying a new car?  Instantly it seemed that where ever you were, there were many others driving the exact vehicle you recently purchased or were considering to buy.  So your new interest in that particular car became a predominant thought within your mind.  Therefore you were attracting more of that type of car toward you and into your experience.  In reality, the cars in traffic or those parked on the street didn’t change that much from one week to the next.  The fact is those same vehicles were always around.  You just weren’t paying attention to them.  As you became more attracted to that particular model of car, your interest grew and you effortlessly began noticing more of those vehicles; whereas previously your interest in that particular car wasn’t significant to you.

Well if we are holding onto negative thoughts or pictures, we are attracting more negativity into our life; similar to the example of the car.  What we are holding in mind, is what we are attracting. When we are negative, our pictures and thoughts follow suit.  The negative thoughts and pictures are distorted.  The distortion isn’t who we truly are.  When we are acting or thinking negatively, it is because we want to change something about how we feel.  We also unknowingly want others to change or conform because we are feeling insecure.  Insecurities are the result of our being out of control, wanting approval and wanting to be safe. 

If we are struggling with issues regarding weight, or have other concerns related to health, or are experiencing relationships that are stagnant or in a state of turmoil, we are holding onto negative energy.  Believe it or not — these negative attitudes also affect our cash flow.  Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.  This is a law of nature.  When we are complaining, blaming, or disapproving of some aspect of our life or that of another, we are engulfed in negativity.  The saying, “How you do anything, is how you do everything” certainly applies in this statement.  Rationally, we know that worry and insecurity doesn’t resolve problems.  Worry and insecurity create unwanted situations.  Take a moment and notice if you have ever worried yourself out of a problem?  Of course not…  Our negativity is holding in mind things we don’t want.  If our thoughts and reactions are in low energy and are non-loving, then the results of those negative thoughts can only create unfavorable outcomes.

Sometimes when stuck in fear, we may think there is nothing that we can do to change our circumstances.  Seldom, if ever, do we see that we are protecting ourselves with fear by worrying or being insecure.  The circumstances we experience are always based upon what we are holding in mind.  Each time we take a step towards positive, a step towards loving issues related to our health, wealth, or relationships, offers us an opportunity to become unstuck.  When we are acting in a loving manner, we aren’t making deals, keeping score, or trying to hold onto or manipulate others.  When we love, we accept our circumstances.  Being loving is noticing what are holding in mind at all times.  This translates into the Golden Rule.  Treat others as you would like to be treated.  Loving of one’s self and one’s situation is necessary in order to move beyond that limitation.

By letting go of disapproving of yourself, or the situation, and applying love, you’ll find that you instantly begin to feel better.  Again similar to the vehicle example, nothing really changed around you; what changed is how you feel within.  When loving, we see and experience just how powerful the energy of love really is.  Each time we use the release method, we find that we become happier and lighter.  As we practice releasing, we automatically become more loving and more positive.  We begin to see that love is truly the answer and that love is our basic nature.  When we apply love to anything, our circumstances greatly improve.  By turning our focus inward, we see that love is the answer to whatever ails us.  There are no boundaries in love.  Love is unlimited.  Love is infinite.  Love is the answer to your health issues.  Love is the answer to your finances.  Love is the answer to your relationship concerns.  Love is an all encompassing, expansive, and freeing gift that enhances all areas of your life.  You can easily learn this method by ordering the CD course or by attending a “Live” class in a nearby community.  Once shown how simple it is, you can easily let go of your non-loving feelings.   When you invest in yourself, yourself appreciates.  Prove it for yourself!   Join Us for the Brand New Love Yourself Telecourse that starts on May 16th.

Visit our website at Love Yourself Tele-Course.  Positive never hurts anything.   

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Release on any Crisis!

Release on any Crisis!



You would have to be completely out of it not to feel threatened.

All these messages, firing at you all day and night about the Pandemic,  Supply Shortages Crisis, Vaccination Mandates, Wars  Over the television. Over the news. Over the back fence.

Everybody conspiring to scare you to death. Or better said, about death.

Let’s clear up something right now, early on. From Lester: “If you feel sick, try to cure it spiritually. If you can’t cure it spiritually, do it mentally. If you can’t cure it mentally, see a doctor.” (From Lester’s Autobiography, No Attachments, No Aversions. It’s a fun read. Full of fantastic insights. If you don’t own it, grab it right away.)

Here’s something else Lester said, “What comes out of your mouth is much worse for you than anything you put into it.”

That last bit is dedicated to all those so-called friends who insist on telling you and me and everyone within earshot, that the delicious morsel we’re about to put in our mouth is bad for us and will probably do some bad thing to us.

Stop it already with programming others about what’s good for them and what’s bad for them. Not to mention making yourself crazy trying to keep track of all that falderal. Particularly because yesterday’s bad for you is today’s good for you, according to the latest study, of course. 

It’s very freeing to get out of the “good for you, bad for you” fear habit. Try it. You’ll like it.

(A not so subtle hint: What’s actually bad for you, and me, and all the rest of us, is our thinking!)

It’s the stories you’ve cooked-up and tell, or should I say, sell, your self all the time. This is good for you. That is bad for you. This will hurt you. That will help you.  Somebody fed all of that to you. You swallowed it hook, line, and sinker at three years old. Now it’s a  rock solid conviction making you nervous as heck.

And it’s more limitation.   It’s believing your thoughts. The obvious ones that say, you can’t do this, you can’t do that. The less obvious ones. The ones that keep you on edge, feeling out of control and insecure. Such as the thought that says, you are this body. Once you believe that myth, you’re prey to all of those who want to make a lot of money off your belief that you must protect and medicate this body.

Example: Drug commercials blast out all the many ways the body you think you are is threatened with sickness or death.

The medical industrialists make up mysterious code like ABCD or WXYZ.  Call it: “multiple diagnoses.”

All the bad things that can and probably will happen to you. That’s what the medical industrialists and their lackeys in the media want you to believe.

Not to worry about those life-threatening diagnoses. We have a pharmaceutical to clear that up. Only $100 for a 30 day supply. Unless you have insurance. Then lucky you, maybe only $20. And please pay attention to the side effects.  It could make you fall asleep at the wheel. It could make you feel worse than you do now. It could kill you. But, hurry up, call your doctor for a free sample supply.

No kidding. You know the way they like to say it these days, really? As in, you’re not serious are you? 

People line up, lemming like, by the millions. They can’t wait to get started because it might cure their XYZ. Or kill them, and then they won’t have to worry about what they call “their” XYZ anymore. The U.S. makes up 5% of the world’s population. Yet Americans consume 80% of the world’s pain-killers, 99% of the world’s Vicodan, 30 million plus are on sleeping pills. A friend of mine was having trouble sleeping after a trip abroad. He asked me if I take sleeping pills. My response was, “What’s wrong with not sleeping?” What’s wrong with letting go of resisting, letting go of wanting control and just allowing yourself to toss and turn? It’s not the lack of sleep causing you to feel out of sorts. It’s your resistance.

Some people are already mad about what they’ve read so far.  It’s because most of us humans, identified with and run by ego, secretly admire troubles and problems. They give us a sense of self. False though it is. If I can say, I have XYZ, in a perverse way it gives me a feeling comfort. Watch. People say, “my XYZ.” “My ABC.”  “My epizootic.” As if it’s their treasured possession.

A recent piece in the Release Magazine was called the “Epidemic of Diagnoses.”  That’s the real sickness—all the diagnoses.  But we can give you an MRI. Be sure to bring your ID card.

Sneeze. Then run to a website and read all the possible diagnoses for sneezing. It could be this. It could be that. If it’s the other thing, rush yourself to the hospital.

Those TV commercials are designed to make you wonder: “Maybe that’s what causes my (fill in the blank).”

Someone has the sniffles. A person nearby is almost sure to say, “You must be coming down with something.”

Sneeze. Somebody freaks out. They cover their mouth and nose and say, “You’re getting a cold.”

There’s another epidemic happening. Have you heard about it?  Disinfectant wipes are clogging up the sewers. Seriously. The medical industrialists have millions of us so scared that we’re washing our hands all day and night with disinfectant wipes.

We, infinite, unlimited beings, afraid of something so infinitesimally small that it takes a very powerful microscope just to see it, said Lester.

Eisenhower called-out the military industrial complex.  Let’s call-out the medical industrial complex.  They’re objective is to make money. Big money. They sell you on diagnoses. Military industrial complexes need wars. Medical industrial complexes need sick people. You really think they want to cure disease and put themselves out of business?

The medical industrial complex wants to program us. It wants to create expectations of sickness in us. With those expectations, we create what we hold in mind.

No surprise that you feel threatened.

The real threat is simply your thinking.  Most people firmly believe what they think. Thoughts overwhelm them non-stop.  Sickness advertising promotes thoughts that say, you’re probably going to get sick and die.

You feel threatened and out of control. You’re convinced all these forces are out to get you. You’ve developed expectations of trouble and problems.

What to do about it:  “Change your thinking and you change the world for you,” said Lester.

Change your beliefs about sickness. You are an unlimited being—imperturbable—no one or no thing can ever bother you.

Change your belief that you are this body. Mute the drug commercials. Turn off the news.

People think they need to clean up their diet. What they really need to do is clean up the noise they’re allowing into their mind; from TV, from the media with their constant focus on what’s wrong, what’s bad, what’s out to get you.

Stop letting them persuade you. Stop letting them manipulate you. Stop faking it that you are this limited being subject to microscopic bugs, politicians, government, and threats of all kinds.

If you insist on faking something, why not fake your mastership? “Fake it ‘till you make it.”

“Make your behavior like that of a master, “ said Lester. See that you are unlimited. Let go and find out. Could it get even better? Let go and find out.

 Release lacking control. Release insecurity.  Be not the doer. Surrender all that fear to the Infinite Self—the real You. 

Apply the Six Steps.

Change your thinking and you change the world for you.

And no one and no thing can bother you. 

Are you where you thought you’d be by now? Shine as only you can! You are worth it! Join us on the Brand New Virtual Wealth & Wisdom Retreat Starting Nov 7th. And see for yourself.

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Feel Happy Like Lester Did all The Time!

Feel Happy Like Lester Did all The Time!

“You want to feel what Lester feels like”

Who wouldn’t?

You want to feel like the Graduate that came to the last retreat, don’t you?

You want to be freer and freer and at last totally, completely free. Sure you do.

You want to be happier and happier and then the happiest you can possibly be all the time? That’s what you really want isn’t it? Of course it is.

You’re sick and tired of carrying around those nasty negative feelings that take you down and stand in the way of your happiness, aren’t you?

You’re definitely ready to be constantly happier and lighter and to be able to get all your goals easily and quickly.

Most people experience a little bit of happiness and hours and days of unhappiness, clawing, scratching and struggling.

You’ve had it with that kind of living or you would never have been drawn to the Release Technique.

In a word, you’re ready to be free aren’t you?

The graduates at the Final Step retreat are right there with you. We asked them two questions the first night. They said, “We’re ready to go all the way—To experience what Lester experiences all the time.

The Graduates had set a definite intention on Freedom.

Have you experienced the power of setting a definite intention?

If you’ve been to a retreat, you know it’s unlike any other class or retreat. To a man and a woman, those coming to a retreat are raring to go, they’re motivated to make a quantum leap in their releasing and their freedom.

They show up to get the job done. You can feel the energy even when you meet people at the airport or on the shuttle. The attitude is, “Lets go!”

You have the feeling something big is going to happen. And at a retreat multiply that 180 times. And guess what? Some very big things did happen.

The class was able to easily and instantly move into CAP with just a decision, no climbing Mt Agflap, is how the teachers puts it. Make a decision. One. Two. Three. Be in CAP. Get high to release. Get into CAP and release from the high place.

This was a special, determined group ambitious for freedom. Early in the week the teachers picked up on that energy and began to make plans to give the class even more of what they came for.

There was the Lesterizing, which gave everyone the definite attitude of having. The attitude of having is where goals turn into gains. Releasing from CAP and the feeling of having makes anything possible. Great gains were being reported everyday.

The class got great benefit from breaking up into groups of 15 people led by a teacher. The groups energized the class and pumped up the Momentum to an even higher level.

People were dropping life long programs that held them back and kept them locked into self-sabotaging decisions made decades ago. The Momentum and energy jumped up everyday.

Something so awesome happened it was literally mind blowing. The graduates experienced what Lester experiences all the time, the Ultimate state. Can you begin to imagine the energy in the room with graduates in there all at once? Mind boggling is an understatement.

To answer the class’s call for more, Lester’s 90 day Program was unveiled by popular demand and most of graduates at the retreat signed up. They’re releasing right now at this very moment with inprecedented intensity and getting amazing gains.

The 90 day course culminates with a Celebration of Freedom at a retreat back in 2009 at Camp Allen. . Imagine the sky-high energy in that retreat. Over 100 members from the 90 Day course carrying over that energy from Granlibakken and magnifying it many times over. It will be like having over 100 Lesters in the room with you.

Get your taste of what Lester experiences. Let the graduates for the 90 day course energize you and your goals. Release with them. Get to know them. Learn to be in CAP all the time. Perfect your skill at Lesterizing. Take your releasing to a new and much higher level. Bring your unfinished goals and finish them off.

Ride the crest of 100+ Lesters, 100+ releasers just like you who have made a definite decision to take their releasing to the highest possible level so the can get all the goodness.

All the goodness is available to you right now too. All that’s missing is know-how and practice. Stop sitting on your assets. Invest in yourself. Join in and experience the time of your life at Camp Allen. And bring your family. They’ll have the time of their life too.

It’s time for you too experience what Lester experiences. It’s time. You too can fill up your gains book and live in having all your goals and happiness all the time.

Get what you need to run your life rather than be run by life. Like those Graduates decided, make a commitment for yourself and sign up for the 90 day program and the brand new Lesterizing Goals Mastery Telecourse. Come to the Celebration of Freedom and experience something very special that will take your life to places you’ve never been before. And your life will be on a steep upward trajectory.

– the year is more than halfway over.

Are you where you thought you’d be by now? Shine as only you can! You are worth it! Join us on a live class and see for yourself. Live Classes – Release Technique

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You Need a Powerful Plan for Success!

You Need a Powerful Plan for Success!


“Wishing won’t make you successful”

You will never succeed so long as you have subconscious programs holding you back. You will sabotage your success again and again, no matter how much effort or willpower you exert.

What you need is a plan based on a PROVEN METHOD—a habit you can develop and master, which will lead you to success in all areas of your life. Developing this one very specific habit will be your key—your ultimate “inner strategy” for long-term success in all areas of your life. RELEASING is this habit.


Releasing is the “ultimate action” you will ever take. It is the most effective thing you can do to move you powerfully in the direction of highest achievement, strongest leadership, most radiant health, lasting happiness and financial freedom. As you begin practicing Releasing, you will immediately begin noticing positive shifts in the way you think, feel and act. You will find yourself taking actions and making decisions based on a new, freer, more positive self-concept, which was impossible before you released the old, limiting image you held of yourself in your subconscious mind.


This simple strategy called Releasing is the most effective technique ever developed for unleashing our highest “success qualities.” It works at the level of the “inner”—of which your outer life is but a mere reflection. Just as combing your hair will result in an immediate shift in your reflection in a mirror, so too will shifting your inner mind and mental condition create an instant shift in your life.


Don’t like the way you start and stop projects—sabotaging your success in a very predictable cycle? Take the most effective action there is—RELEASING.

Don’t like the way you make money only to have it burn a hole in your pocket before you can accumulate anything significant? Take the most effective action there is–RELEASING.

In the new 90 Day Quiet Your Mind program, you will get a powerful plan for your money success and never burn a hole in your pocket.

Don’t like the way you predictably sabotage the love in your relationships? Take the most effective action there is—RELEASING.

Have a habit—smoking, overeating, drinking, gambling, complaining, etc.—that you just can’t seem to stop using willpower? Take the most effective action there is—RELEASING.

Have a stubborn health issue and you’ve tried everything to overcome it to no avail? Take the most effective action there is—RELEASING.


Stop wasting your will and effort in ineffective directions. You MUST ALWAYS make an “inner shift” to create any lasting outer change in your life experience. Releasing makes this inner shift at the deepest levels and does so quickly and easily. It is foolproof.


As you see the contents of your mind (just like reading a menu) and apply Releasing to the limits, patterns and painful, negative emotions—they dissolve—instantly.


The most successful business people in the world, such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Donald Trump, are constantly tapping into several core habits and traits that will make any of us successful, if we develop these traits:

1.They are emotionally intelligent. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to increase your emotional intelligence.

2.They are emotionally resilient. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to increase your natural, emotional resiliency and inner balance.

3.They take risks. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to uncover your natural courageousness and fearlessness.

4.They have outstanding discrimination. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to open up your discrimination and ability to see and think clearly—even when under pressure.

5.They have clear intuition. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to open up your intuition and inner knowing.

6.They take immediate, effective ACTION when prompted from within. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to eliminate the resistance to taking immediate, effective action.

7.They are positive. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to eliminate negative thinking at its root—uncovering your natural ability to be positive in all situations despite outer circumstances.

8.They are master communicators. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to uncover your natural ability to effectively communicate.

9.They are inspired. Releasing is the most effective action you can take to uncover an unlimited wellspring of natural and spontaneous creativity, inspiration and enthusiasm.

These nine principles are your keys to leading a happy, successful life—emotionally, financially, in all your relationships, with your health and wellbeing, and in your work, career and contribution to others.


If you have not mastered these skills, you have not mastered life. If you wish to master these skills, there is only one ability you need to master—the ability to “let go” (at will) of the patterns, programs, thoughts, concepts, behaviors and limits you have programmed into your subconscious mind. The most effective way to do this is through Releasing via the Release Technique.


Releasing is the only kind of success training or condition you truly need. If you want to condition yourself—condition yourself to Release consistently throughout your day. If you want to train yourself—train yourself in the habit of letting go of negativity as it arises, instead of suppressing it, coping with it, venting/expressing it, or escaping from it.


As you develop the habit of Releasing moment by moment, you will quickly find each of the nine primary keys to success unfolding for you as naturally as breathing.

You may have read hundreds of success, leadership, self-improvement and wealth-building books. You may have taken hundreds of such courses. But how many of them address the ROOT—the core of the problem—which is always the lacking, limited and almost always conflicting inner thoughts, patterns and beliefs that hold you back?


Almost none of them do. Or, if they do, they really don’t tell you HOW to eliminate these patterns. They just talk “at you,” telling you to “think positive,” stop thinking negative,” use willpower,” “take these actions,” etc… but when you have subconscious self-sabotage programs running, all the willpower and all the intellectual knowledge of the “right actions” you need to take are WORTHLESS. That’s right. Completely worthless.


If you looked in the mirror and you saw your hair was messed up, would you start fussing with the mirror, trying to change the reflection? Of course not. You would simply comb or brush your hair. In the same way, you need to create an inner shift—developing the ONE POWERFUL HABIT that will shift EVERYTHING in your life. And, that habit is using the Release Technique consistently.

What is it?

It is a way to rid yourself of any negative emotions easily and painlessly, on the spot—and gain health, wealth and happiness beyond your wildest imagination.

How does it work?

It works by pulling up the “menu of your mind” noting the contents and noting the underlying “roots” which are generating interference, limitation and self–sabotage. This is fast, easy and simple to do. Then, the course shows you how to STRIKE these roots, thus falling entire structures of limiting and lacking thought-structures that have held you back your entire life. What’s left does not require any kind of “positive affirmations” or “programming,” as our natural state is already one of health, happiness, success, clarity, strength and freedom. We need only eliminate the interference by first SEEING it operating, then striking the ROOT causes of this interference. No other course, method or technique strikes the root as the Release Technique does.

Why does it work?

It works because it does not attempt to “hack at the branches.” For instance, a symptom of an inner mental/emotional conflict is often overeating. This is just a branch—a sign or symptom of a deeper issue. The root could be an underlying fear or a suppressed guilt. And, that fear or suppressed guilt has another, even more primary root, which, when released, will drop the hard, negative feelings…drop the negative thoughts generated by those feelings…and drop the harmful behaviors and actions generated by those thoughts.

Will it work for me?

Yes. We guarantee it. We have taught it to five-year-olds. We have taught it to ninety-year-olds. You can learn and master the Release Technique and begin seeing all your fears, worries, hang-ups, and self-sabotaging and limiting behaviors melt away right before your eyes—as you witness a natural unfolding and uncovering of the nine core traits of highly successful people. As you eliminate the blocks to having success, what’s left over? Success without effort!


If you are ready to finally take charge of your life, employing a radically effective system of success that is PROVEN and SCIENTIFICALLY VALIDATED by Harvard and Columbia Medical School researchers, then it is time to make Releasing your first action. If you are tired of working hard all your life and not meeting with the success you want and feel you deserve, then you absolutely must learn the Release Technique without delay.


It is time to stop wasting so much time and effort spinning your wheels. Your subconscious programs will NEVER let you move forward. Or, if they do, they will only rip you right back into the parameters of your programmed “success thermostat” a very short while after you will yourself past those parameters, as if someone snapped you back by your suspenders.


If you want lasting success, health and happiness, then you must “reset” your success thermostat for greater success in these areas. No “outer” change will ever last, without making the primary inner change. Any habits created by willpower will rarely “stick” because the underlying “roots” holding that pattern in place will remain and will pull you right back into the same old rut once the willpower stops. You need a fundamental ROOT change, which the Release Technique provides.

So, you are in luck, there is still time to join us on the 90 Day Quiet Your Mind program, Sept 21st, 2021

You are worth it!

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Fake It Until You Make It

Fake It Until You Make It

Have you noticed that when you get dressed up for a wedding or other extravagant event, that you feel like a million bucks?  When we pull out our best suit and tie or our most beautiful dress, we also find that everything looks better.  Instantly, we are transformed from middle-aged to magnificent!  In putting on our finest outfits, we seem to find the ability to smile.  We find our sense of humor.  We also find that we have a dynamic and charismatic part of ourselves that is truly irresistible.   We find that it is easy to laugh and dance.  We come alive!  Somehow everything was magically transformed.  In an instant, we fell in love with the most beautiful person in the room.  

After the event, we lovingly hang up our finest wardrobe, tuck inside all the joy, laughter, and charisma until the next time we are invited to an extravagant event.  Kind of sad that we think our happiness is only available to us while we are dressed in our Sunday’s best.  And like Cinderella, after the ball, all the magic fades away…  Well fortunately for Cinderella, Prince Charming knew that the beautiful person was the person “in” the shoe.  He also knew that the shoe isn’t what made her beautiful.  All of the goodness was already there.  The illusion that our wardrobe, or other things external to us, makes us happy is literally a fairy tale. 

Well, how would you like to feel like a million bucks each and every day?  It is possible!  This may sound too good to be true, huh?  There must be a catch or something…  Well if wearing our finest outfit reveals to us that the person we would really like to hang out with, perhaps we need to look at things in a different way.  Nothing really changed when we wear our finest wares.  And yet we all know that, yes something wonderful occurred.  All of the goodness that we tucked inside our event outfit was temporarily restored to us.  The good news is that it’s ok to feel good about ourselves.  The change in our attitude is how we “Dress for Success.”  That’s all that changed.

When we dress for success from the inside first, we learn that all of the goodness that we think we tucked away, is actually here – right now, waiting for you to enjoy!  Instead of waiting and hoping to be invited to an event, why not invite yourself to look and feel your best each and every day.  Right now imagine yourself in your finest outfit.  Notice that even imagining being in that terrific outfit, you feel great!  See it’s not the outfit that makes us feel great; it’s how we feel when we are wearing those items.  The transformation that occurs when we learn the Release® Technique method helps us to have a better attitude.  This way we always feel like we do in our finest garments.  The only way to “Dress for Success” and reveal where real happiness comes from is by our removing the limitations and negative self-talk.

The Release Technique method shows us “HOW TO DO IT FOR YOURSELF” so that we can be happy every day, no matter what we are wearing or what we are doing.  Do yourself the biggest favor you can possibly imagine and order the course today!  You have 30-days to try-on a new attitude.  The only things you give up by trying something new are the waiting and hoping for things to change.  This system is scientifically proven to bring you significant results.  You gain more love for yourself by learning how to dress for success in all areas of your life.  Life is not a dress-rehearsal, it’s a well-dressed attitude!  Take your finest self, off the shelf, out of the garment bag, and shine as only you can!  You are worth it!  Join us on a live class and see for yourself.  Live Classes – Release Technique