The Ultimate Truth (Book)

The Ultimate Truth

A Handbook to Life.

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Lester discusses subjects like: Happiness, love, truth, peace, the ego, the mind, the world, sex and marriage, pleasure-pain, health, abundance and self-growth yardsticks.

The Ultimate Truth is Truth that is true now, has always been true, and will forever be true.

Man cannot make this Truth nor can he change this Truth. He can only discover it. He may choose to live in accord with it. If he so does, he finds himself supremely happy beyond anything he could imagine! All limitations drop away and he discovers that all power, all knowledge, and all joy are his and that all this is his natural, inherent state.

A unique characteristic of this Truth is that it must be seen by each one through his own perception. No one and no book can do it for him. Teachers and books (scriptures) can only point out the direction, the way, and the individual may choose to take it.

Necessary is the proof of Truth, and necessary it is that each one must prove the Truth for himself. Nothing should ever be accepted on hearsay. One should listen to, reflect upon, and then prove. The best attitude one may take would be to not believe nor disbelieve, but to accept Truths for checking. Then, and only then, after one has proven them without a doubt should one accept them.

As Truth begins to prove itself, one gains more confidence in it, and then proofs come more easily and more readily; until finally, one perceives the Absolute Truth–that we are unlimited beings, unlimited in our knowledge, power and joy.

A few quotes from Lester from The Ultimate Truth book on the subject of love:

To love our enemy is the height of love. When love is felt for the enemy, it makes the enemy impotent; powerless to hurt us. If the enemy persists in tyring to hurt us, he will only hurt himself. When one really loves, one can never be hurt.

One does not increase his love. One merely gets rid of one’s hate.

When we love fully, we feel we have everything.


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